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Geneticly Modified Foods

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I would prefer to have some scientific studies and an informed opinion on the subject of this post. Unfortunately I can only bring up my ambivalence on the issue. The power to create a form of rice with Vitamin A fascinates me, but there are potential risks that come from this application of science. Plants with their own pesticides could potentially have the consequence of creating insects that are resistant. But I have read, in a Scientific American article from 2000, that farmers who use genetically modified foods use weaker pesticides, in smaller amounts.

One argument that I do not accept is the claim that there is something wrong with a plant that could not have come about naturally. Yes the process of inserting a section of DNA for one desired trait from a bacterium into the strand of another plant requires bring other traits along, but laboratory testing and field research over the long-term can give us a better basis for understanding the risks. Alas, I still have not seen enough to decide what to think on this issue.


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January 21, 2010 at 05:38

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