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Every time I read somethig about the American car industry, I fail to comprehend how they managed to last for so long. I was awaer that car delerships are endowed with monopolisitc powers only a government can create, but I had no idea that auto unions had a job bank (a method of giving people money for doing no work what so ever at the expense of others). Here is a quotefrom a book that is review in the second link I posted:

“When a machine broke down and stopped the assembly line, workers would take an unscheduled break and wait for an electrician or machinist instead of rushing to fix it themselves. Only skilled tradesmen were allowed to repair machinery, even if ordinary workers were capable of doing it — rules enforced not only by the national contract but also by the separate local contracts at each factory. The electricians or machinists often took their time getting to where they were needed, so that the plant would have to go into overtime to make up for lost production, and everybody would get more money.”


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January 16, 2010 at 15:48

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