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Percunia Ante Homines

A delicious word

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I am sometimes envious of those who have synesthesia, to be more accurate Lexical-gustatory synesthesia. That is until I found out the limited set of tastes available to those who are wired this way. I say this because language is so rich that wonderous that food is the only equivalent I can conceive of.  Take the word marginalia. Blessed as one of the subset plurale tantum (words that are always plural) this is a word that describes the those notations one makes in the margins. Now why is it necessary to have a word for such things? It is not simply the ability to be terse, but also the tonality of the words. It tastes like a Sauvignon Blanc, not very complex but a pleasure to consume.

There are other thins to praise about this word. If you have ever bought a used textbook and have been privledged enough to find the back of the book filled with answers, comments, and corrections that are nice and accurate.


Written by weso

January 7, 2010 at 10:19

Posted in Words

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